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D.W. Alexander: One of The Best Speakeasy Lounges and Bars in Toronto
"One of Toronto's top 5 speakeasies"

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At D.W. Alexander, we pride ourself on combining the historical character of industrial Toronto with the contemporary style modern bar patrons enjoy. When you search for a cocktail bar in Toronto, you follow in the footsteps of the gentlemen of yesteryear who enjoyed a visit to their favorite Toronto bars after a hard day's work. Relax at one of the most comfortable yet stylish bars in Toronto with a good drink in your hand and the camaraderie of your friends.


When you are looking for the best bars in Toronto to celebrate your next birthday or corporate event, why not come to D.W. Alexander? We can accommodate your group in relaxed styles with refined cocktails and hard liquors you would expect from only the top lounges. If you need an excuse to celebrate, drop by our drinkery after work to enjoy happy hour with special prices on your favorite beverages.


Who was D.W. Alexander? Like you, he was a hard working man who enjoyed Toronto lounges, building his leather business right here where our bar now stands. In tribute to our namesake, D.W. Alexander fuses the industrial character of the prohibition era with contemporary style to create one of the best lounges in Toronto for a relaxing after-work cocktail.


Where can you find a cocktail bar in Toronto? Look no further. At D.W. Alexander, we offer a contemporary take on the classic cocktails you have grown to love. Settle into our comfy cushioned seats with an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan in your hand. After an especially hard day at work, you can sip on our Corpse Reviver No. 2, or show your enthusiasm for this great city with our Toronto cocktail. Like any good cocktail bar in Toronto, you can enjoy a Moscow Mule, an Aviation, or a classic Sloe Gin Fizz.


How do you find an after-work bar in Toronto? Simply follow the nine to five crowd from your office to Church Street. D.W. Alexander serves the finest cocktails for the hard-working people of Toronto. Whether you aspire to be The Dutchess or are more of an Old Facist, whether you admire the engineering brilliance of The Avro Arrow or find yourself on a Hot Date with Judy Blue Eyes, you can enjoy The Finer Things with D.W. Alexander cocktails.


What would a lounge in Toronto be without a fine selection of liquors? The D.W. Alexander bar in Toronto offers a variety of popular rum, vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon, scotch, Canadian and Irish whiskey, cognac, and of course, red and white wine. Whatever you drink when you usually visit bars in Toronto, you can enjoy it in relaxed style at D.W. Alexander.


Why is D.W. Alexander one of the best Toronto bars? Unlike other Toronto lounges, you can enjoy a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne next to your friend who is enjoying a beer. At D.W. Alexander, you can enjoy the finer things bars in Toronto have to offer without being surrounded by a pretentious crowd.


What is one of the essential drinks in Toronto bars? Beer of course, and at D.W. Alexander you can enjoy a bottle or draft of your favourite brew. We feature an organic draft from Mill Street, a local craft brewery popular at the best lounges in Toronto.


What is a drink at a Toronto bar without some delicious food? At D.W. Alexander, you can enjoy a variety of savory hors d'oeuvres, such as a selection of Canadian cheeses or artisanal cured meats. We offer a finer take on the usual food found in Toronto bars with our scrumptious Salmon Tartar, delicious Duck Slider, and marvelous Mushroom Melt.


If you are searching Toronto lounges and bars for the one that fits your style, D.W. Alexander offers you the perfect blend of casual comfort and affordable upscale tastes for your after-work social gathering. Quench your thirst with one of our tempting cocktails or distinctive liquors while relaxing in our comfortable atmosphere. Come to 19 Church Street and see why our patrons consider us the finest after-work bar and lounge in Toronto.