D.W. Alexander | Piano bar (Toronto) – creating and developing a unique style

D.W. Alexander | Piano bar (Toronto) – creating and developing a unique style

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D.W. Alexander | Piano bar (Toronto) – creating and developing a unique style

If you think that you have already seen all the interesting Toronto pubs and bars, and it’s already difficult to surprise you, find D.W. Alexander on the map and immediately go there. Created in the late seventies of the 19th century, the piano bar (Toronto) earned its reputation hardly and for a long time. Its creators changed individual details of the interior, as well as partly the ideology of the institution. At the same time, they tried to keep the original style and atmosphere of the place. Thus, D.W. Alexander eventually began to stand out for other popular Toronto bars, which tried to keep up with the modern trends of fashion.

How to spend time in one of the best Thursday night Toronto bars?

Follow the news of the establishment and book tables, in order not to miss the opportunity to see or even participate in special events from D.W. Alexander. You can create your own scenario, and we will provide you with a platform for implementation of bold ideas. Arrange here or become a spontaneous participant of:

  • corporate parties;
  • bachelorette and bachelor parties;
  • original birthdays;
  • student parties;
  • beauty contests;
  • Halloween, New Year’s Eve, etc.

The institution is distinguished by a variety of exquisite music, causing the desire to listen to it endlessly. Visit this jazz bar in Toronto after a hard day at work; let the sound improvisations take off your fatigue and fill your mind with positive energy. In D.W. Alexander a placid rest is organically connected with parties organized by individual companies – you will always find a suitable, comfortable place.

Scotch bar in Toronto helps its visitors to relax both physically and mentally. Friendly bartenders encourage people with a positive mood, with which there is a desire to leave the lounge area and go dancing before dawn. In one of the best downtown nightclubs (Toronto) – D.W. Alexander you will be able to meet your favorite, famous DJs. In such a pleasant company, with a delicious cocktail from the bar, you easily forget about time, worries and work.

How to make Toronto nightlife events unforgettable?

D.W. Alexander’s staff strives to make every your visit unforgettable. And if you spend most of your evenings here, you will soon acquire caring friends in the face of barmen and waiters.

The interior, the stylization of every seemingly trifle give peculiar charm to the institution gives. It is quite common to meet here exquisitely dressed ladies and the corresponding gentlemen – D.W. Alexander welcomes the old-school style.

You will be offered to try cocktails and dishes cooked in accordance with century-old traditions to consolidate the effect of this local bar in Toronto. On separate days of the week you will discover the institution from different sides. It will be one of the best Toronto nightclubs downtown, a great place for a romantic date, a space for fruitful work and much more. Try any of these and other features of D.W. Alexander today!


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