D.W. Alexander | Piano bar (Toronto) – creating and developing a unique style

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D.W. Alexander | Piano bar (Toronto) – creating and developing a unique style

If you think that you have already seen all the interesting Toronto pubs and bars, and it’s already difficult to surprise you, find D.W. Alexander on the map and immediately go there. Created in the late seventies of the 19th century, the piano bar (Toronto) earned its reputation hardly and for a long time. Its creators changed individual details of the interior, as well as partly the ideology of the institution. At the same time, they tried to keep the original style and atmosphere of the place. Thus, D.W. Alexander eventually began to stand out for other popular Toronto bars, which tried to keep up with the modern trends of fashion. How to spend time in one of the best Thursday night Toronto bars? Follow the news of the establishment and book tables, in order not to miss the opportunity to see or even participate in special events from D.W. Alexander. You can create your own scenario, and we will provide you with a platform for implementation of bold ideas. Arrange here or become a spontaneous participant of:
  • corporate parties;
  • bachelorette and bachelor parties;
  • original birthdays;
  • student parties;
  • beauty contests;
  • Halloween, New Year’s Eve, etc.
The institution is distinguished by a variety of exquisite music, causing the desire to listen to it endlessly. Visit this jazz bar in Toronto after a hard day at work; let the sound improvisations take off your fatigue and fill your mind with positive energy. In D.W. Alexander a placid rest is organically connected with parties organized by individual companies – you will always find a suitable, comfortable place. Scotch bar in Toronto helps its visitors to relax both physically and mentally. Friendly bartenders encourage people with a positive mood, with which there is a desire to leave the lounge area and go dancing before dawn. In one of the best downtown nightclubs (Toronto) – D.W. Alexander you will be able to meet your favorite, famous DJs. In such a pleasant company, with a delicious cocktail from the bar, you easily forget about time, worries and work. How to make Toronto nightlife events unforgettable? D.W. Alexander’s staff strives to make every your visit unforgettable. And if you spend most of your evenings here, you will soon acquire caring friends in the face of barmen and waiters. The interior, the stylization of every seemingly trifle give peculiar charm to the institution gives. It is quite common to meet here exquisitely dressed ladies and the corresponding gentlemen – D.W. Alexander welcomes the old-school style. You will be offered to try cocktails and dishes cooked in accordance with century-old traditions to consolidate the effect of this local bar in Toronto. On separate days of the week you will discover the institution from different sides. It will be one of the best Toronto nightclubs downtown, a great place for a romantic date, a space for fruitful work and much more. Try any of these and other features of D.W. Alexander today!   best clubs in toronto for dancing best lounges in toronto downtown best bars in toronto for dancing best lounge bar toronto best bars in toronto for new years best bars in toronto on a friday night best clubs in toronto for over 40 toronto lounges downtown toronto lounges best bars in toronto

The best place to dance in Toronto

Speaking about dancing people usually imagine a dance floor and the celebration of some holidays, such as birthday, the prom, wedding, or different shows and competitions. However there are also many bars and lounges, which provide an opportunity to spend time enjoying your favourite drink, listening to the music or dancing. D.W. Alexander is one of the best lounges in Toronto downtown which offers its visitors a great number of classic and original cocktails, drinks and dishes. In addition, the menu where everyone would be able to find something interesting to their liking, it is worth visiting to experience the atmosphere of the old times. The team strives to maintain the ambience of Toronto’s bar when men from the factories came to celebrate the end of a working day with drinking their favourite cocktail in the admired company. D.W. Alexander, one of the best clubs in Toronto for dancing, offers an opportunity for people of all ages to spend time with your company or find one to have great evening. There is usually a queue in front of night clubs on weekends and it is necessary to wait for a long time before you will be able to get in and finally get the services, you were planning to enjoy in one of the best bars in Toronto on a Friday night. Everybody should have probably felt that feeling, when everything is irritating and boring for them. This is the condition when friends may help. Usually they take you somewhere to have fun and digress from your troubles. D.W. Alexander is one of the best lounges in Toronto downtown where you can forget about all your problems. Even if your friend are busy it is not a hindrance, as it is easy to make friends here. There are many special events and parties constantly held in this best lounge bar in Toronto. People of different ages come here to have fun, relax drinking their favourite cocktail. Why D.W. Alexander is worth visiting? If you are looking for the best bar in Toronto for dancing, D.W. Alexander is the place you need. Here you will find magnificent atmosphere, splendid music and original drinks that will force you to dance, even if you don’t like it or consider you can’t. Possessing itself as a maintainer of traditions of the old times, it is considered as one of the best clubs in Toronto for over 40. Adults usually appreciate the opportunity to enjoy events, drinks, or music which brings them back to the recollections connected with the good old days. Definitely, everyone of us at least once has looked for a place to celebrate a New Year, hold a party, birthday, etc., and for sure all of us know how hard it is to find such place. D.W. Alexander is considered to be the best bar in Toronto for new years celebration. Annually, there is a great party held to celebrate this popular holiday. Along with a wide variety of foods and drinks, different competitions are conducted, so there is no time to get bored. To sum up, unlike many downtown Toronto lounges, D.W. Alexander provides an opportunity for people of all ages to spend great night enjoying wonderful music, tasty drinks with a  friendly company. best lounges in toronto for birthdays best clubs in toronto for college students best downtown toronto bar best lounges in toronto 2017 bar at downtown toronto best bars in toronto for a birthday best bars in toronto for college students best clubs in toronto for bachelor party best nightclubs in toronto the best nightclubs in toronto

D.W.Alexander – One of the Best Lounges in Toronto 2017

                Entertainment is one of the irreplaceable parts of human life. There are numerous ways for everyone to have fun and entertain themselves. This may be cinema, concerts, amusement parks, video games and so on, and so forth. There are also many people who enjoy going to night clubs, bars and lounges to dance, drink a cocktail, enjoy the music and atmosphere, etc. There are new bars, already known and reputable, and there also everyone’s favourite bars or lounges. D.W.Alexander is considered to be one of the best nightclubs in Toronto by many people. It is located in downtown and in the late 1870s it was established by a reputable dealer in leather. The team strives to save and share the atmosphere of the old times when gentlemen used to visit the nearest drinkery after a hard working day with their favourite hard drink or a cocktail. D.W.Alexander is the unique speakeasy and bar at downtown Toronto which feels like a 19th-century gentlemen’s club. This place possesses a great ambiance, impressive cocktail list, and friendly service. This is the bar where you can come to spend time with your friends or alone, to have a chat, to dance, to enjoy the music, or a special events which are constantly hosted here. There are often many special events and private parties held in D.W.Alexander. Thus, it is known to be one of the best bars in Toronto for college students (but not limited to them only) who enjoy thematic parties and events. There are often different fraternity events held and the most popular are prom parties. With the common events where professional and reputable DJs are ivited, this bar is known as one of best clubs in Toronto for college students. If you planned a birthday party at least once, you know how hard it is to find the best place to held it, would it be a bar, lounge, speakeasy, etc. D.W.Alexander is one of the best bars in toronto for a birthday celebration. Many people of all ages regularly book reservations to celebrate their birthday with a group of friends or to held a great birthday party here or to organize a surprise birthday for your best friend or relatives. D.W.Alexander is one of the best clubs in Toronto for bachelor party providing a fascinating bottle service, liquors and cocktails list, and the food menu. It’s been hosting bachelor parties for a very long time, and the staff can help and give an advice if you have some quesions or have doubts about some details, or drink, etc. All in all, for many people D.W.Alexander is one of the best lounges in Toronto for birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, special events, etc. People come and visit D.W.Alexander just to enjoy their favourite drink or to try something original and new for them. Come in to enjoy the atmosphere of the best downtown Toronto bar.  
D.W. Alexander: One of The Best Speakeasy Lounges and Bars in Toronto
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